Bred for Home Milking,Temperament, and Conformation

OK Doe K Dairy Goats

Bred for Therapy, Show, and Milk for the Urban Homestead or Hobby Farm

Meet Our Milkers

Firebrand KD Sparkling Hoochinoo

DOB: March 19, 2012

Sire: Firebrand FL Klondike

          SS: Good Measure Farm Franz Liszt *DS

           SD: TX Twincreeks Lady Antebellum

Dam: Triple P White Lightnin

       DS: CHW Baywatch's Capt. Jack Sparrow

          DD: Starlight Acres Miss Candy

Linear Appraisal: 2014

GA: V          DS:   V              BC:  E           M: +

Little Tots Estate GA Peaches *M

DOB: October 12, 2013

Sire: CH Little Tots Estate Dan'l Boone

         SS: CH/MCH Kaapio Acres Hot Habanero

           SD: GCH/PGCH Little Tots Estate Abutilon 2*M

Dam: Little Tots Estate Camellia  2*M

        DS: CH Woodhaven Farms Cowboy Cadilak

          DD: GCH / PGCH Brush Creek Hallelujiah 1*M

ADGA Arbuckle Classic Open Reserve Champion - Tecoa Lynn Seibert

ADGA Arbuckle Classic Youth Grand Champion and Best In Show - Travis McCormick.


DHI: DIM-356  Milk - 550 (1=day) Fat -33   Prot - 24  SCS 2.84

Linear Appraisal YS 2014:

Linear Appraisal FF 2016:

GA: V          DS:   V              BC:  V      

*rated Ec on Rump

 GA: V          DS:   V              BC:  V     M: V


OK Doe K Lil'wat Chinook-Wind *M

DOB: January 19, 2014

Sire: TX Twincreeks Edge of Night

      SS: Pecan Hollow C Total Eclipse

       SD: MCH/SGCH Little Rascals Black Dahlia 2*D 1*M

Dam: Firebrand KD Sparkling Hoochinoo

       DS: Firebrand FL Klondike    

       DD: Triple P White Lightnin

NDGA  Heartland Youth Show Reserve - Ann Alecock

DHI:  PIT21: -2  PTI12: - 36

Linear Appraisal YS 2014:

Linear Appraisal FF 2015:

Linear Appraisal FF EL 2016:

GA: +          DS:   +              BC:  V          

*rated Ec on Rear Legs

GA: V.        DS: +           BC: +       M: +   84

GA: V          DS:   V       BC:  V       M: V   85

Short on Heaven JM Flower

DOB: 3/9/14

Sire: Rosasharn NP Jupiter Moon

Dam:Short on Heaven CR Twin Bambi

What is so special about goat milk?

Did you realize over half the milk consumed in the world is from goats? That is a lot of milk!

The top reasons for goat milk preference is it is less allergenic, naturally homogenized, easier to digest,  and closely resembles human milk in composition.

The milk protein Alpha s1 Casein is found in lower levels in goat milk. This protein causes many people to have an allergic reaction. Since it is in reduced amount in goat milk, it enables more people to enjoy the benefits of milk.

Homogenization of cow milk is a process where the cream is forced to be a part of the fluid milk by breaking apart its cell walls so it stays mixed. While it makes it easier to take a jug of milk from the fridge, it is a process that results in free radicals. Goat milk, on the other hand, is naturally homogenized so no free radicals are bouncing around!

The fat globules of goat milk are easier to digest than cow's milk. Studies have shown that goat milk can be digested in as little as 30 minutes, whereas cow milk can take several hours.

Goat milk has a range of vitamins and minerals. Its high potassium content allows it to make our bodies more alkaline rather than acidic. Its also high in calcium, B12, magnesium, zinc, iron and selenium.